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Software localization Software localization - What does a localizer actually do?    

Usually he or she is responsible for the technical adaptation of the translated files in software localization.

Classic tasks in our software localization activities include

Adaptation of software interfaces, such as the width of dialog boxes and the arrangement of the elements inside them (resizing), the modification of sort sequences in the menus, the modification of keyboard shortcuts in the localized language
Integration of multimedia projects
Compiling help systems
Test support

We take the meaning of software localization further and talk about software engineering. This means striving to make our services more attractive by automating routine duties within the translation process, for instance.

As a special software engineering service, we offer flash® localization and photoshop® localization as well as software localization. This means that texts from flash® and photoshop® files are extracted automatically and after processing, for instance translation, they can be reliably re-imported in minutes.

Additional software engineering services we offer

Because we have discovered deficiencies during file exchanges, for instance during exchanges between XLIFF and TMX or when file formats are converted, our software engineering team has also developed its own tools. With regard to this, we focus mainly on XLIFF (XML LOCALIZATION INTERCHANGE FORMAT), in order to accelerate the exchange of information in localization projects and to make better use of contextual information in XML tags for the translation.

Trends in source files and resource files

Our software engineering team monitors the constant developments in hardware and software, particularly the development of resource files towards XML, RESX or Java Properties files, in order to be able to offer other services.