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Translation services in Herrsching

Seschat GmbH Typographie und Lokalisierung has been translating specialist texts from English into German, French, Italian and Spanish for over 17 years. We also offer translations for the language combination German-English. As a software localization agency, we cover almost all languages in the world. Our repertoire also includes technical translations from English into Chinese, Japanese or Russian, for example. However, it's not just about translation; quality assurance is paramount. We therefore subject each translation to a thorough copy editing process. Naturally, we also take over responsibility for project management in the translation process. We do not just see ourselves as a language service provider (lsp), but also develop technical solutions for our customers as a software localization agency:

Our software localization services: photoshop ® and flash ®localization

Photoshop ® and flash ®files can be very complicated and can contain text in many nested layers. If these files are to be reused for the international market through software localization and translation, manual text extraction is very time-consuming.


We have therefore developed methods to find these texts automatically in photoshop® and flash®, extract them inexpensively from files with the extension fla or psd and reintegrate them. You can find more details on our pages about photoshop ® and flash ® localization. As a software localization agency, we offer not only translation but also classic software engineering services such as resizing of objects on program interfaces and the localization of resource files.

Typography and layout round off our range of software localization services

As a full-service agency, we can handle all of your requirements.Wether you need website translation, to focus on multimedia and use animations with audio tracks in your product documentation or in marketing texts, or to compile help systems, our software localization team can process all formats and return them to the right form, including in the target language. Our typographical expertise supports us in conceptual design and the design of print and online products, as well as with classic layout activities with dtp (desktop publishing).