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Copy editing Copy editing - Why editing is essential    

Quality assurance is not just a buzz word for us. We edit and correct all translated texts as standard.

In so doing, we take care to ensure that the translation and editing are always carried out by different people, as it is easy to overlook your own mistakes, and because an editor sees a text differently from a translator.

Copy editing in context

We want to get rid of a 'tunnel vision' approach that focuses on the single sentence, for instance, and understand the text in its overall context. In the current standard practice of computer-assisted translation, in which you translate sentence by sentence, the consideration of the previous and subsequent sections is particularly important, to ensure that the translation flows well and does not sound like a translation. Among other things, we check the following:
Correct rendering of the content of the original statement
Style of language, suitable for the target group and type of text
Consistent terminology (we check across the whole project to verify whether the documentation and product interface use the same terminology and whether the terminology is also consistent within the documentation)
We also ensure that the translator and editor understand the functionalities described in the program. This is the only way to ensure that they are suitably conveyed in the target language. One or two malfunctions have already been discovered during this process and were eliminated by working together with the client.