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Translation Translation - What distinguishes a good translation?    

Translation requires instinct and tact. Not only must the content be correct and complete, the target group must also feel it is being addressed by the tone and style. This also applies to technical translations. It becomes even more important if you want to translate marketing texts or websites. This is why we work with translators and partners who have proven themselves through many joint projects.
The following requirements are absolute prerequisites when choosing a translator:
Professional translators who have a university degree or a suitable qualification
Native speakers who live in the country where the target language is spoken


The following points are also important to us in translation:

As far as possible, use of translators with a suitable specialist qualification
Use of translation memories (TM) to lower costs by reusing segments that have already been translated and checked, which pays off in technical translations in particular


Use of current CAT tools, to streamline the procedure for technical translations and the translation process in general and to be able to work with teams in different locations
Maintenance and use of termbases for more consistency. This pays off if you are having websites translated and is essential for technical translations where precise terminology is prescribed.

Website translation and more

We translate virtually all texts, whether it's marketing flyers, software documentation, help texts or wether you need website translation. Of course, all of your texts are analyzed and you will receive a customized offer with a deadline.