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Automated text export/import for photoshop ® files with text layers

Text from layered photoshop ® files is extracted within seconds using the relevant tools, processed within the translation workflow, and the translated text is then imported again

Image files with text layers (psd) are localized without any problems

Product descriptions, instructions, online games, comics, international advertising: all of these rely on the effect of impressive images, and indeed, image files with text layers (psd) are often required in many languages.

Current problems with the localization of image files with text layers

The assessment of the extent of work for initial analysis and resource planning can already be complicated, especially if dealing with a large number of images with an unclear number of text layers. In addition, texts from files with the extension psd must be prepared for further processing, translation for instance. At present, texts are mostly extracted from image files manually, using Copy & Paste, and transferred into a format that can be processed by the translator. It is clear that in this procedure, it is easy to miss errors, overlook text or copy it twice.