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We always highlight our three principles - care, attention to detail and timely delivery - to demonstrate the respect we have for our customers. We also lay much store by transparent processes and professional tool support. Below are a few illustrative examples:

We run different proofreading procedures for text, graphic files, videos and audio.
We remain in close contact with our clients and provide early updates on the status of their projects.
We develop software in-house to react to individual client requirements. These include tools to process and convert files, tools for creating glossaries, Seschat Little Workflow to process small projects in multiple languages within 24 hours, tool for Flash ® localization.

Another important tool accelerates the alignment of files, for instance, in order to create Translation Memories from huge databases in a reliable manner.

We can also convert segment-based XLIFF into TMX, which leads to considerably improved match results and takes existing translations into account to a much greater degree than block-based conversion.

In all of these developments, we focus predominantly on XLIFF, which we can convert into PHP, PSD, Flash ®, Excel ®, Java Properties and various XML formats. Back-conversion is also possible.