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Seschat GmbH Typographie und Lokalisierung was founded in Munich in 1996 by Judith Fuchs and Franz Bissinger as a limited company providing software localization and design.

The combination of technology and communication has always been one of the company's explicit business goals and reflects the interests of the founders. How can new technologies be used in the translation process, in order to streamline routine tasks? How can contextual information, for example in the tags of XML documents, be preserved for the translator? These are examples of some of the questions we aspire to answer.



Whereas in the past we mainly localized programs for private users and learning software for children, the focus of our work now lies on the localization of business applications and corporate software and in the adaptation of gaming software for casinos.

Our namesake, the Egyptian goddess of writing and architecture, Seshat, reflects the content of our work: the localization of text, image and audio documents and the typographic design of contents.