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Here you can find a selection of the global projects we have implemented with some of our clients:
Compuware: Localization of Changepoint user interface in 8 languages* and documentation into German since 2001
iGrafx: Localization of the user interface (for the entire iGrafx Process product family) in 7* languages and documentation since 1996
Cryptologic: Localization of ECash website and casino games in 13* languages since 2003
Mindjet: Localization of marketing texts and website since 2007 for French and German
Mindscape France: Localization of games for children, for instance the Vet series of 2005-2009 or Addy Junior of 2008-2009 from English and French into German
Halogen Software: Localization of Halogen's Talent Management Suite since 2010, localization of the interface in 13* languages
factsoft ag: in 21* languages
tetralog systems: Newsletter for financial sales solutions for banks from German into English

* Here you will find out in which languages localization has been carried out in each case.